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Child Friendly Strategic Approach for Belfast

Child Friendly Strategic Approach for BelfastIn 2014 a cross-sectoral Child Friendly Places working group was reconvened. Drawing membership from a wide range of organisations that represent the interests of children or have a role in improving the city the purpose of this group is to develop a strategic approach to children and the built environment across Belfast.

A number of key pieces of work have already been undertaken in this area of work.

  • A mapping exercise with organisations in the city to identify current work to help with identification of existing work and opportunities for linkages
  • A mapping exercise with school children; questionnaire was disseminated by BELB to children in Belfast to gather their views on the built environment
  • Consultation in shopping centres also took place where the public are approached to gather their views in relation to child friendly cities.

The group will be taking this work forward into 2015.