Community Prosperity

Focusing on social determinants of health, this programme aims to reduce health inequalities by improving conditions in which people live, learn, work, and play.

Shared Prosperity

A shared prosperity approach supports good health and well-being by influencing the determinants of health throughout people’s lives. By enhancing healthy-life expectancy, resilience, and overall well-being, this approach boosts community prosperity in areas that have historically been marginalised or excluded.

These ‘left behind’ communities have often seen a decline in a wide array of social facilities and infrastructure, including shops, social venues, cafes, community centres, and even local organisations. This decline is especially seen in Belfast’s disadvantaged areas by the lasting impacts of historical conflicts and socio-economic shifts that have led to significant migration and demographic changes. Investment in these communities is essential, not only to bring them up to par with the wider benefits of social, environmental, technological, and economic progress but also to bridge ongoing inequalities.


Engaging with Residents

Engaging with residents of these communities is crucial for identifying and leveraging existing assets – be it knowledge, skills, resources, land, or buildings – to foster growth and enhance communal prosperity.



Significant transformations are necessary to ensure that health considerations are integrated into all aspects of policy-making. This commitment to embedding ‘health in all policies’ can no longer be just talked about.


Building Resilient Communities

The experiences of communities, especially during times of upheaval, demonstrate their crucial role in promoting health and disease prevention, as well as in supporting inclusivity for older people, children, and other vulnerable groups. The spirit of unity and resourcefulness that emerges in times of crisis – like during the Covid-19 pandemic – underscores the interdependence within communities. It highlights the importance of collaborative efforts across all levels of government and among various sectors to bolster local communities, businesses, and infrastructure. This collaboration is vital for creating a resilient society that protects and uplifts its most vulnerable members.


The path forward

The path forward for Belfast involves a systemic shift towards policies that not only acknowledges but actively incorporates health considerations. By doing so, we can ensure that every sector and community within the city contributes to and benefits from a healthier, more equitable urban environment.