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Full Lecture Programme

This lecture took place on Thursday 8 November and was chaired by Mr Mark O’Donnell,as Director of Belfast City Centre Regeneration Directorate (BCCRD).

The fostering of resilience is critical to protecting and promoting health and wellbeing at both the individual and community level. Resilient communities respond proactively to new or adverse situations, prepare for economic, social and environmental change and deal better with crisis and hardship.

This lecture explored ways to build resilience including the complexities within Northern Ireland communities, as well as ensure processes and structures in place do not exclude the most vulnerable in our society.

Key Points from Lecture 2

Mr Henry Johnston

Mr Henry Johnston is Director of Programme for Government in the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister. He is involved in several aspects of the Delivering Social Change initiative including the Policy Project, Research Project, Social Investment and Social Protection Fundsas well as responsible for Sustainable Policy and for the provision of economic and statistical services in OFMDFM.

Mr Henry Johnston, Office of the First and Deputy First Minister, Building Community Resilience

Professor Jennie Popay

Professor Jennie Popay is Professor of Sociology and Public Health at Lancaster University. Her research interests include the social determinants of health inequalities at global and national levels including inequalities by social class, gender and ethnicity and determinants such as social exclusion; poverty and inequalities in income and wealth.

Professor Jennie Popay, Lancaster University, Exclusionary processes and vulnerable spaces: addressing the drivers of health inequalities

Ms Laura Dosanjh

Ms Laura Dosanjh is the Director of Applied Innovation at the Young Foundation. She leads a team who pioneer work applying the knowledge, tools and innovations developed by the Young Foundation. The team carry out work in Health, with Local Government, Central Government, international bodies, and with local communities, specialising in social design, community participation and resilience, youth transitions and ageing.

Laura Dosanjh Young Foundation, Building Community Resilience and Wellbeing: practical examples

Panel Members' Presentations