Increasing Knowledge and Learning

We provide training and resources to build capacity among individuals and organisations, equipping them with the tools to implement health-promoting practices. Through workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects, we facilitate learning opportunities that share best practices and innovative approaches to public health.

Healthy Cities | Belfast
Influencing Public Health

Policies across various sectors, including regional and local governments, profoundly influence public health. To achieve better health outcomes, it is essential to strengthen public health functions and enhance capacity. Despite variations in resources among organisations, prioritising investment in public health capacity-building is crucial for improving policies and actions aimed at boosting health and diminishing inequalities.

As part of strategic leadership for Phase VII, our approach will include comprehensive needs assessments, the development of training programs, and the provision of tools and services. These efforts are designed to advance the capacity of organisations to collaboratively enact policies and practices that not only reduce inequalities but also support the implementation of healthy city initiatives.

The most pressing health challenges – such as non-communicable diseases, health disparities, and climate change – are intricately linked to the determinants of health and require multifaceted strategies to address them. For instance, revising procurement policies for food, transport, and other public tenders can significantly enhance both health outcomes and sustainability, contributing to the protection of our planet’s health.

Belfast Healthy Cities is committed to collaborating with the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and our partners in Belfast, as well as regionally across the UK and Ireland, to expand knowledge and build capacity. Our goal is to systematically reduce health inequalities, creating a healthier, more equitable future for all.