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Investing in Children and Young People Pays Dividends


Full Lecture Programme

There is an increasing political consensus that tackling the disadvantages which prevent some children doing well – not least in education – should be a regional and cross sectoral priority.

However, there is not yet full agreement on the appropriate methods for achieving this desired outcome. The answer may lie in tackling childhood poverty, or in improving access to services, or a combination of actions.

This lecture which took place on 12 December 2012 and was chaired by Celine McStravick, Director, National Children’s Bureau explored these questions. Additionally, it addressed how local and national policy impacts on the social determinants of health affecting children and young people.

Key Points from Lecture 3

Dr Carolyn Harper

Dr Carolyn Harper is Executive Medical Director/Director of Public
Health of Public Health Agency. Dr Harper was previously Deputy Chief
Medical Officer in the DHSSPS.

Investing in Children & Young People Pays Dividends

Professor Alan Dyson

Alan Dyson is Professor of Education in the University of Manchester
where he co-directs the Centre for Equity in Education and leads work
on education in urban contexts.

Building a holistic strategy to improve outcomes for children and young people

Ms Dorothy Currie

Dorothy Currie is Senior Statistician in the Child & Adolescent Health
Research Unit of University of St Andrews provides statistical expertise
and advice for the unit. She currently works on several major research
projects including the International Health Behaviour in Schoolaged
Children (HBSC) study.

Health Behaviour in School aged Children, results of an international study

Mr Les Allamby

Les Allamby has been director of the Law Centre (NI) since 1995. From
1999 - 2004 he was the independent chairperson of the Standards
Committee.  He has also been a member of the alleviating
hardship working group looking at the impact of the welfare reform.