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Our vision is that Belfast is recognised globally
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Healthy Cities 21st Century

Making the Links Programme 2008

This programme has established a positive reputation in the health sector and offers participants an opportunity improve health and quality of life right across Northern Ireland. This crucial issue is now at the top of the political agenda – and the programme brings together expert speakers on a range of related topics.

Day 1: Tackling health inequalities: Are we having an impact?

Professor Chris Bentley, Head of National Support Team for Health Inequalities, Department of Health: Impact of Policies on Tackling Health Inequalities: Evidence and Plausibility

Dr Anne Marie Telford, Regional Director of Public Health, Health and Social Care Authority: The State of Our Health: Addressing Inequalities

Mr Brendan Bonner, Manager, Western Investing for Health Partnership: Tackling Health Inequalities: Are We Having an Impact?

Day 2: Community Planning for Health and Wellbeing

Grace McGuinness, Local Government Reform Unit, DOE: Community planning: Northern Ireland context: Community Planning: Northern Ireland Context

Ashley Gould, Health Improvement Team, Welsh Local Government Association: Community Planning: Welsh Experience

Day 3: Understanding and Experiencing Health Impact Assessment

The keynote speaker and facilitator for this day was Specialist HIA Practitioner Erica Ison, affiliated to the Public Health Resource Unit, Oxford. Her presentations have been broken down by the key steps of HIA:

Day 4: Healthy Urban Planning (I)

Ben Cave, Ben Cave Associates - Healthy Urban Planning & Sustainable Development: Healthy Urban Planning

Geraint Ellis, QUB - Healthy Urban Planning in a local context: Healthy Urban Planning In Northern Ireland: Opportunities and Constraints

Day 5: Healthy Urban Planning (II)

Gerry Bleakney, Eastern Health and Social Services Board: Encouraging Physical Activity: Opportunities and Constraints

Margaret Deevy & Gillan McClay, Playboard: Open Space: Health Gains and Happiness