The launch of the third and fourth chapters in our profile of Belfast took place in August with an online seminar featuring Belfast Healthy Cities Expert Advisor Erica Ison; Victoria Ramsey, Climate Services Scientist with the UK Met Office; and Joan Devlin, our Chief Executive. The session was chaired by BHC Board Member Ian Montgomery. 

The Place and Planet chapters of the Belfast – Profiling Health, Wellbeing & Prosperity report follow the launch of the Prosperity and People Chapters. These chapters provide data and analysis on a range of pressing issues with the PLACE chapter addressing Transport, Housing, Homelessness. The PLANET chapter examines Climate  Change, Energy Consumption, Air Quality, Noise Pollution and Water Quality. 

Online attendees at the event included officials from relevant Government Departments, third sector organisations, health professionals and policy makers. 

Ian Montgomery, in his first official role as a Director of Belfast Healthy Cities opened proceedings and introduced Erica Ison who set out the detailed analysis across Belfast and how the city compares with the rest of Northern Ireland.  

We were also joined by Victoria Ramsey, from the UK Met Office who presented information and analysis around the climate challenge. 

Joan Devlin and Erica Ison responded to questions from the attendees which ranged from cycling infrastructure in Belfast, how a partnership approach can help reinforce the sustainability message and how best to measure the success of schools based activity. 


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