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Marmot - 10 Year Review

Health equality in Northern Ireland should be prioritised by NI Executive

Belfast Healthy Cities has highlighted that the findings of the Marmot Review of Health Equity in England are “mirrored or worse in Northern Ireland” and have called for the NI Executive to prioritise tackling health inequality in the Programme for Government. It comes after the publication of the HEALTH EQUITY IN ENGLAND: THE MARMOT REVIEW 10 YEARS ON, which outlines how health inequality has widened in the last decade and, in particular, life expectancy for women in poorer communities in England has declined since 2011. 

While the Marmot Review focused on statistics in England, it does make reference to the fact that the health and wellbeing trends are mirrored in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Recent statistics for Northern Ireland show that the increase in life expectancy has slowed, and in particular for women it has remained static in recent years. 

Commenting after the publication of the Marmot Review, Joan Devlin, Chief Executive of Belfast Healthy Cities, said “The findings of the Marmot Review are alarming, and while they are focused on health equity in England, we know from our work that these issues are being mirrored or even worse in Northern Ireland. We know that health inequities across Northern Ireland has been growing in many areas, and as with the recommendation of the Marmot Review, it is essential that the whole NI Executive, ensure that addressing and tackling inequality in health and wellbeing is within the Programme for Government. The review highlights health is a good measurement of social and economic progress, and we want to see that mirrored in Government policy. 

“The review found that life expectancy of women in poorer areas of England has declined in the last decade; in Northern Ireland we expect the same applies, given that life expectancy is already lower, due to a wide range of factors affecting health and wellbeing , and that we also have some of the most deprived areas in the UK.”

Ms Devlin added “Belfast Healthy Cities has been working with health, community and other professionals across Northern Ireland on issues of health equity for some time. By bringing best practice from Healthy Cities in Europe and across the globe, we have been looking at how reducing inequalities can be achieved. We also encourage departments and agencies to apply the equity lens to all policies using our health equity tool to ensure policies and actions reduce inequalities.  We hope that the Marmot Review findings open up an opportunity to begin improve health equity for all of our citizens.”