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Health Equity in All Policies (HEiAP) in WHO Phase V (2009-2013)

Health Equity in All Policies (HEiAP)

‘Health in All Policies provides a lever for governments to address the key determinants of health through a systematic approach as it focuses on the health impacts of policy across all sectors and layers of Government’. (Ilona Kickbusch)

Building on work initiated in WHO European Healthy Cities Phase V (2009-2013), HEiAP will remain a key theme for Phase VI (2014-2018). The central aim of the work is to support organisations to identify ways in which policies can not only meet their specific aims, but also contribute to health and equity.

Healthy Equity in All Policies Resources

A range of definitions relating to HEiAP

Describes this process in more detail

An inequality screening tool for policy and other types of proposal

Belfast Healthy Cities has developed a framework for delivery of HEiAP. Chief Executives from public sector organisations in Belfast signed a mandate demonstrating their commitment to working with Belfast Healthy Cities on piloting the framework.

Health Equity in All Policies Pilots

In Phase V, Belfast Healthy Cities worked with a number of organisations to pilot the HEiAP framework. Different layers of support were offered to organisations depending on their needs/requests to support integration of health equity including

  • Support and input through membership of existing working groups
  • Completion of literature reviews to help identify health equity impacts of the policy area
  • Facilitation of consultation groups in partnership with the relevant statutory body
  • Review of existing indicators and identification of gaps that would support measurement of health equity
  • Development of new indicator sets to measure health equity impacts of the policy area
  • Capacity building and training on health equity issues relevant to the policy area

Phase V Pilot Projects (2009-2013)                                                  

Belfast City Council/Public Health Agency
Development of 'Growing Communities' Strategy for Belfast

Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Support for the development of an outcomes framework

Regional Health and Social Care Trusts
Development of Travel Plans: Improving Health framework for health and social care organisations

Department for Regional Development
Support for the development of an Active Travel Strategy for Northern Ireland

HSC/HSCB: Children and Young People Strategic Partnership
Mapping exercise of partnerships working to improve outcomes for children and young people
Literature review of health determinants which contribute to educational outcomes