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Creating Healthy Communities: Co-Production of Health and Economics

Belfast Healthy Cities welcomed speakers Donal Rogan, Belfast City Council, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Paddy Woods and Professor David Stuckler, Oxford University, pictured with Seminar Chair, John McMullan, Bryson Charitable Group and Board of Directors.The economic success and overall wellbeing of a city depends on its people, who use the services and facilities that underpin the economy. Investment in jobs is essential to tackle inequalities and strengthen the wellbeing of a city overall.

However, investment in health is also an investment in the economy, as healthy people are in a better position to take control of their own lives, take up jobs and emerging opportunities.

This seminar on 11 April 2014, which was chaired by John McMullan, Bryson Charitable Group and member of Belfast Healthy Cities Board of Directors focused on the links between economic development and health, exploring the incentives for and co-benefits of an integrated approach. It  also explored how austerity measures may affect health, and the potentially significant and long lasting implications for society as a whole.


Why austerity kills: economic policy and the impact on public health and well-being
Dr David Stuckler - University of Oxford

A prosperous Belfast: the contribution health makes
David Gavaghan - Titanic Quarter Ltd, Belfast 

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