Our vision is to be a leader in creating a healthy and equitable European city

Healthy Cities 21st Century

Creating Resilient Communities & Supportive Environments

Our Healthy Urban Environments (HUE) programme focuses on how planning, transport and regeneration affect people’s lives and health, and how this shapes disadvantage and inequalities. The programme aims to explore and demonstrate how people oriented planning can contribute to health and equity, while also supporting the environment and the economy.

A Regeneration and Healthy Urban Environment group guides work under this theme. The group also acts as the Belfast Strategic Partnership thematic group on its regeneration priority.

The work programme focuses on capacity building and innovative demonstration projects. The demonstration projects seek to show how people focused planning and regeneration can effectively contribute to health and equity.

The HUE programme is focused on five key themes:

Reuniting Planning and Health Capacity Building

This programme offers resources and capacity building programmes designed to support intersectoral working to make closer links between planning and health

Child Friendly Places

A major programme in its own right, Child friendly places aims to make child friendly places and engaging children a higher priority within decision making on the built environment. This programme is also designed to demonstrate the wider health, social and economic benefits of people focused planning and regeneration.

Active Travel

We are working with Active Belfast on active travel. Our work focuses on sharing evidence and learning from WHO and other WHO European Healthy Cities.

Community Planning, Regeneration And Health

This programme aims to identify and develop resources that support integrating health into community planning and regeneration strategies and initiatives.