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Healthy Cities 21st Century

Belfast Healthy Cities Chief Executive, Joan Devlin, attended the ‘Well-being for all – equity and health’ conference organised by the City of Reykjavik and Directorate of Health, Reykjavik.  Joan was invited to give a presentation on ‘Healthy Cities – Connected for Health’ including the experience of Belfast being a healthy city across all six phases since the inception of the European Healthy Cities Network.   

Understanding Health Literacy: Sanna Salanterä

Understanding Health Literacy: Joanne Morgan

Understanding Health Literacy: Karolina Mackiewicz

Innovation: Making technology work for health 11 March 2016 - NVTV Footage

Making Technology Work for Health and Inequalities 11 March 2016

This seminar explored leading edge learning and expertise on using technological innovation to benefit health and help tackle inequalities. It also explored ways of addressing the digital divide, in order to ensure people of all backgrounds can benefit from technological innovation. The 2015-16 series focuses on sharing learning from Belfast Healthy Cities’ Finnish colleagues in the WHO European Healthy Cities Network, and also features expertise and experience from other European Healthy Cities.

Shaping Places for Healthy Lives 16 December 2015

Shaping Places for Healthy Lives Seminar: 16 December 2015 Watch from 19 mins:20 seconds


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