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A ‘whole of society’ approach to improving health and wellbeing goes beyond institutions: it requires mobilisation across policies, Departments and delivery agents. For sustainable, healthy and holistic regeneration it is vital to address the future of both people and places.

Local Government will soon take on responsibility for land use planning and community planning – this is the time to work to ensure that health and wellbeing are a priority within these new revised structures.

This lecture, which took place on 15 January 2013 at Queen's University Belfast and was chaired by Dr John McPeake, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, explored the links between the built/natural environment and health. It also provided many practical examples of how regeneration and healthy urban planning supports the building of community assets.

Key Points from Lecture 4

Ms Suzanne Wylie

Suzanne Wylie took up post as the Director of Health and Environmental Services for Belfast City Council in 2010. In this role she is responsible for managing a wide range of front line services such as environmental health, community safety, emergency planning, waste management, cleansing services and building control.

Presentation: Regenerating the city: planning for a new era

Mr Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey has been Head of Partnerships and Innovation of Westway Development Trust since August 2011. Westway Development Trust is a charitable social enterprise involved in urban regeneration, education, arts and sports development.

Presentation: Making a purse from a sows ear – how imaginative regeneration can create added value from neglected spaces  

Dr Aideen McGinley

Dr Aideen McGinley is the former Chief Executive of Ilex Ltd, a major regeneration company in Derry. She has previously held the posts of Chief Executive for Fermanagh District Council; Permanent Secretary for the Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure; and Permanent Secretary for the Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland. Currently she is Northern Ireland Trustee for the BBC Trust.

Presentation: Mobilising partners: One Plan for Derry

Dr Russell Jones

Dr Russell Jones is Healthy City Coordinator and Public Health Programme Manager for Glasgow Centre for Population Health. He leads the programme on ‘healthy urban planning’, focusing on ways in which urban planning can have a positive impact on health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Presentation: Healthy Cities, Healthy people and planning – the links