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Healthy Cities 21st Century

Shaping Places for Healthy Lives Seminar 16 December 2015

The places we live in shape our everyday lives, and shape our health and wellbeing. A positive environment supports strong, safe communities, contributes to mental wellbeing and encourages active lifestyles. This seminar was an opportunity to explore how place making can effectively support health and wellbeing, and how urban design can help create healthy places. It will provide an opportunity to learn from leading international practice as well as local initiatives.

Keynote address

Planning cities for people

Leo Kosonen, Finland, Author and former Chief Planner of the City of Kuopio

Leo Kosonen, was the City Planning Manager of the City of Kuopio for 15 years and developed the “Kuopio Model”, which has been used as a tool of city planning in Kuopio for twenty years and has influenced planning policy across Finland.


A Place Standard for Scotland

Sandy Robinson, Scottish Government

Sandy Robinson, Principal Architect, Scottish Government, leads the Architecture branch within the Architecture and Place team at the Scottish Government and has responsibility for a range of projects and policy initiatives including the Creating Places policy statement on architecture and place.

Workshop Presentations

Meanwhile Spaces

Heather Boyd, Groundwork

How design can support health and wellbeing?

Justine Daly, Strategic Investment Board

Civic Stewardship- What is It?

Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG)