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Useful Resources

WHO Health Literacy: The Solid Facts

This publication makes the case for policy action to strengthen health literacy. Evidence, including the results of the European Health Literacy Survey, is presented that supports a wider and relation-al whole-of-society approach to health literacy that considers both an individual’s level of health literacy and the complexities of the contexts within which people act.

The Health Literacy Place, Scotland

Tools and techniques, evidence and resource library to support health literacy development in pol-icy and practice.

National Adult Literacy Association (NALA) Ireland – Health Literacy information

Irish Health Literacy evidence and support

Harvard School of Public Health – Health Literacy Studies

This HSPH Health Literacy website was designed for professionals in health and education who are interested in health literacy. It was the first academic site to provide resources and links in the bur-geoning area of health literacy studies and practice. We continue to provide unique tools as well as links to key documents, articles, and materials. Health literacy work provides insight for profession-al development, institutional change, and policy initiatives.

Intervention Research On Health Literacy of the Ageing Population in Europe (IROHLA)

IROHLA focused on improving health literacy for older people in Europe. It took stock of on-going health literacy programmes and projects and identified and validated a set of 20 interventions, which together constitute a comprehensive approach for addressing the health literacy needs of the ageing population in Europe. These interventions are part of an evidence-based guideline for policy and practice for local, regional and national government authorities to start action.

DEL (2013) The International Survey of Adult Skills, 2012

Adult literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills in Northern Ireland, A report prepared by NFER for the Department for Employment and Learning October 2013.