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Healthy Cities 21st Century

WHO European Healthy Cities Network Strategic Goals

Cities designated to the WHO European Healthy Cities Network have six strategic goals:

1. To promote policies and action for health and sustainable development at the local level and across the European Region, with an emphasis on the determinants of health, poverty and the needs of vulnerable groups.

2. To increase accessibility of the WHO Healthy Cities Network to all Member States of the European Region.

3. To promote solidarity, cooperation and working links between European cities and networks and with cities and networks participating in the healthy cities movement in other WHO Regions.

4. To strengthen the national standing of Healthy Cities in the context of policies for health development, public health and urban regeneration.

5. To play an active health advocacy role at European and global levels through partnerships with other agencies concerned with urban issues and networks of local authorities.

6. To generate the policy and practice know-how, the good evidence and the case studies for promoting health to all cities in the Region.

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