Greening the City

Our initiative to enhance urban green spaces, improving air quality, and promoting physical activity and mental well-being among city residents.

Where we are now

The planet is undergoing unprecedented changes that pose direct threats to human health, underscoring the immense challenge of environmental protection. The recent global health crises, including the spread of infectious diseases, malnutrition, and noncommunicable diseases, are enhanced by the ongoing decline in biodiversity and ecosystem health, which is a direct result of poor environmental management.

The destruction of natural habitats and climate change are pushing wildlife, which harbors pathogens like the Ebola virus and Lyme disease, into closer contact with human populations. An alarming 75% of emerging infectious diseases originate from wildlife, with potentially more deadly pathogens existing in nature. The World Health Organization cautions that without significant action, we may face even more severe pandemics in the future, alongside catastrophic global warming unless international efforts to reduce carbon emissions are dramatically increased.

What we can do

Urban areas, often heat islands due to dense activity and population, suffer from poor air and water quality as pollutants are concentrated by buildings, roads, and other infrastructure. Implementing green roofs and increasing the number of street trees in urban areas can mitigate these effects by cooling the environment and absorbing carbon dioxide, thereby enhancing the mental well-being of city residents.

The essential role of urban green and blue spaces like parks, riverways, and beaches has been highlighted by their increasing usage as vital health and well-being resources. These areas are crucial components of urban infrastructure, offering new opportunities for the integration of smaller green spaces throughout cities. Urban planning must evolve to prioritise these elements, reinforcing its critical role in the public health sector by fostering environments that protect and promote community health and well-being.