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Healthy Places, Healthy Children


Welcome to Belfast Healthy Cities Key Stage 2 resource – Healthy Places, Healthy Children. The resource has been designed by Belfast Healthy Cities in collaboration with the Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland Housing Executive and the Education Authority and has been successfully piloted by more than 20 Primary Schools.

The resource, which compliments the Northern Ireland National Curriculum, will introduce children to the links between the built environment and health and well-being. It provides an opportunity for: children to research their local area; develop proposals for how to make their local environment more child friendly; and, provides a mechanism to share their proposals with local decision makers.

While the resource is most closely aligned with The World Around Us Area of Learning, this Links with NI Curriculum document outlines the other curriculum connections including cross-curricular skills and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities, which can benefit from its use.

When you have watched the videos below you can download all Unit booklets and supporting resources FOR FREE by clicking the REGISTER HERE button on the right or below. We hope you enjoy exploring your local built environment through the Healthy Places, Healthy Children resource and we'd love to hear about your projects or successes when you complete your journey.


The links below will direct you to short EA tv videos that introduce you to the resource and outline the purpose of each module and the additional resources which are available to ensure that implementing Healthy Places, Healthy Children is as straightforward as possible. There is also a case study video, in which the pupils of St Kevin's Primary School, Belfast tell you about the incredible impact using the resource has had on their school environment.